Denim & Pearls

How do you class up an outfit? That’s easy. Add pearls!!! I’ve been looking for the perfect pair of distressed embellished denim for some time. After a couple of unenthused purchases and eventual returns, I found these. And.They.Are.Keepers! For starters, they fit like a glove and the varying-sized pearls are perfectly placed–not too much, not too little!!! Just right.

I prefer classics when it comes to styling┬ábut definitely didn’t want to overkill with pearls. Yes, you CAN overkill. They are out there so be careful. Speaking of careful, I buy pieces that will endure trends and that I can wear years down the road. These fit the bill. With tattered and torn denim being the hottest closet staple over the years, I don’t see it going out any time soon. So combining classic pearls with a great fitting, tattered denim, for me, was hitting the style jackpot. But it got better… when I added this ruffled, off-the-shoulder number in white with black straps…WOOOO!! I even think Coco would be proud of this look. Let’s see, black, white and pearls! Yes, she definitely would. This was subconsciously my inspiration for adding the Chanel pearl earrings to the straps on the blouse. And when it came to shoes, there was no guessing. The beige, black and white Mary Janes sealed the deal.

Today’s pick: pearl-embellished, distressed denim; a white ruffled, off-the-shoulder top with black straps (Chanel pearl earrings added) and beige, black and white block heel Mary Janes.

Denim: (Zara); ruffled top (Zara); shoes (Chanel, similar here and here); bag and accessories (Chanel)

photos: @vivaluxphotography



  1. Tika
    May 22, 2017 / 8:52 pm

    Jeans never looked so stylish!!! Absolutely beautiful.

    • cherrypickedstyle
      May 23, 2017 / 8:51 am

      Thank you!

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