Gray and Gold

 I’ve said so many times before that I love color and I am determined that 2018 will be the year for me to prove it. So what do you think of this gold satin pleated skirt? Am I getting there? I know…it’s gorgeous and the fit is perfect. I’m taking this color thing seriously but I am also one to crawl before I walk, hence the gray sweat(er)shirt (cross between sweatshirt and sweater). I love neutral colors and gray always calls my name. It’s just a comfort color that looks good on anyone and with anything.

I found my bold skirt and after trying so many different looks to top it off, I kept going back to neutral colors and I’m so glad I did. I love the contrasting colors paired together. It just allows for each piece to shine even though one if obviously much bolder than the other. While looking for the perfect neutral, I knew I had to have a top that also makes a statement. It needed to have something special about it, not just the ordinary V-neck or turtleneck you’ve seen me wear. I wanted flare in the sexiest most modest way. And what better way to accomplish that than a little back exposure. Ahhh…the deep V-back tunic. I love that it says casual from the front, but screams sexy from the back.

The oversized element also helped when pairing it with the synched waist pleats on the skirt. I had a little loose, effortless look up top and a structured, uniform look on the bottom and that is what I go for when I style. I don’t like for everything to look the same. I like contrast. Lots of contrast…in color, fabric and fit. I could go on and on about this look because I love it, but let’s talk about the booties.

Why would I opt for polka dot booties, you ask? Because they are cute and who doesn’t like a good black and white polka dot? I also chose them because the dots look great with gray and they look great with gold. I’ve always said when choosing shoes, don’t be afraid to go out on a limb with color, texture and patterns, just be sure that the shoes complement the article of clothing closest to it. In this case, the bold gold skirt. But since the black and white polka dots go so well with gray, too, it’s a win win all around. And booties are perfect with midi skirts in the winter.

For accessories, I chose to keep it minimal with just a chandelier earring, tying in all the colors (gray, black and gold) and brought along my new favorite, the circular bag. I grabbed by black cat-eye sunnies and was ready for a day on the town, or at least a nice lunch with my girls.

Today’s picks: gold, satin pleated skirt with a gray V-back tunic, polka dot booties with statement earrings and a circular bag.

Skirt (J Crew); Tunic (J Crew); Booties (Zara) Earrings (J Crew); Bag (Anthropologie)

Thank you so much for stopping by!! Please take a minute and let me know how you’re mixing up your wardrobe in 2018!!!


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