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Hello, all my specs-wearing friends. I have some exciting news that you’re gonna love!!! Warby Parker is bringing sexy (AND MAKERS) back. Keep reading. You’ll get it.

From the eyeglass and sunglass company that offers designer eyewear at a revolutionary price, while leading the way for socially-conscious businesses, I want to share with you their most recent venture.

Their newest designer glasses, aptly called the Maker Edition and made in Fukui, Japan, Warby Parker is turning the focus back to its makers, and this means the level of craftsmanship is at an all-new high.  The name focuses on the intricate process and the detail that goes into making each pair.  With their classic looks, these frames will always be stylish.  There are four new styles in rose gold (my fave!!), black ink (perfect for dressier occasions), carbon, gold and polished silver. What I like most about these is that they are perfect for any occasion–from super dressy to uber casual. They have a pair for the modern day lady and gentleman and will have you looking chic and dapper.

Soooooo…I know you are excited to read about them, but let’s take a look at what I’m raving about.  I pulled a few of my favorite looks that I think are perfect for each of the styles and am seriously thinking about getting a non-Rx pair since I don’t wear glasses…yet.

See. I told you you’d love them!! What’s even better is that Warby Parker is staying true to their mission and every pair of glasses sold, they will distribute a pair to someone in need. These glasses are available today (March 20th) online and in stores and they start at an incredible price of $195. So hurry and get into their stores or onto their site, www.warbyparker.com/maker-edition. Have fun!!! You can thank me later!!!

This post is my review of the Warby Parker Maker Edition eyeglasses. All opinions are my own.


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