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If you’re looking for the perfect athleisure wear that is comfortable and cool, I have one word: Terez. I recently partnered with Terez to kick off their fall 2018 looks. Terez was founded by two childhood best friends and is based on love, freedom of expression, female empowerment, inclusivity and positivity. As if that isn’t enough, Terez also offers new patterns each month so you never have to be in the “same ol’ leggings.” We have options, ladies!!! OPTIONS!!!

This is your one-stop shop for cute, athleisure pieces. They sell hoodies, sports bras, Tees, tanks, joggers and a plethora of leggings with designs from stars to galaxy holograms to hearts to flowers to skylines to camouflage…the list goes on. See, I told you you’d never be in the same ol’ leggings. And their tops are just as fun and full of variety. You can get cotton tops in grays, greens, blacks, whites, pinks and you can also get them with fun designs such as rainbow stripes and stars. I personally like the twist front Tees but they also have the slash Tees (for the ultra cool) and the side, front and back tied ones as well.

I had to have the camo leggings in charcoal heather and I am obsessed with them!! The shades of gray and some silver gives them a fun punch. But what I love most is that these leggings, no matter how much I wear them, keep their shape. They wick away sweat and offer a three-inch waistband to keep everything looking smooth. So there’s absolutely no spilling over. WIN!!! Speaking of win, the different pieces allow mix and match so that there are so many looks that will carry you through the seasons.

My look: charcoal heather camo leggings with a twist front Tee in Army green. And if you know me, you know that gray and green are my favorite colors for fall. So as my Instagram post says, “Namaste in this twist front Tee and these camo leggings from Terez all fall.” Y’all, that ain’t a lie.

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed!!


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