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With the last quarter of the year being the busiest for me (parties, dinner parties, celebrations, travel, etc.), I am so happy that I found Basic Invite–true customizable cards and invitations for life’s most memorable moments–to help me with getting the word out (IN STYLE) for all the hosting I have planned. Now, let me say this…these cards are anything but basic, but the entire process of ordering them is. This is why I will be using Basic Invite for all of my holiday cards and invitations.

In the past, I have stressed myself out searching (and driving) all over for the perfect invitations. I find one that I really, really like and it doesn’t come in the colors I need or I can’t change the wording around to my liking.  Frustrating, right? Well, with Basic Invite, I didn’t have to worry. With an almost unlimited amount of colors, BI is one of the few websites that offers an array (more than 180 colors) with an instant online preview.  Once I found the design I like, I was able to change the color of any element on the card. In addition, I got to order a printed custom sample of exactly what I would be receiving.  I got to see, feel, touch it in person and not be surprised  or disappointed when my actual cards arrived.  I have been disappointed far too many times than I care to remember.  I’ve even postponed sending holiday cards because I wasn’t happy with what I ordered. Seems crazy, I know, but I’m picky like that!!!

Speaking of picky, for those who pay uber close attention to detail, with BI, I also had the option of choosing more than 40 different colors of envelopes. Sometimes, we just want our delivery to be extra and it can be with BI. I tend to stick with gray, beige or white, but the options can be any shade of the rainbow. Annnnnd all of the envelopes are peel and seal, which means no licking or using a wet stick. They REALLY had me at peel and seal.

But it got better. There’s even a service for address capturing, which allowed me to share a link on my social media networks and request family and friends’ addresses.  That information is securely stored in my account and can be selected during the design process. So no typing hundreds of addresses. They really have thought of everything to make this easy. And if you want to get even more fancy, take a look at the foil options.  They have foil holiday cards in silver, gold and rose gold and you may choose flat or raised foil on all of their designs.

I can’t wait to share my scary halloween party invitations. I have two this year: one specifically for costumes (adult only) and one for creepy, crawly fun.

Since everything was so easy to customize, I went ahead and ordered Friendsgiving and Holiday cards as well.  This is a first for me as I usually procrastinate because in the past, the process has been draining.  This year was different with Basic Invite.  I was excited to try them out and am so glad I did.  Now I can check that off my list and ahead of time!! One less thing for me to worry about.

I also want to share that Basic Invite currently has 30% off all of their cards with coupon code “holi3” (no quotes) and with more than 500 Christmas  and modern holiday card designs, now is the time to check it off YOUR list too. You can thank me later!!!

This post is about my experience with @basicinvite. All opinions are my own.

Thank you for stopping by!! I hope you have enjoyed!!


xo Tomeka








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