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So this weather has many people frustrated, especially when it comes to dressing properly. I love seeing spring take on winter and win, but I dislike the transition period, the back and forth and the wait. But we still have to dress and since we do, we need to find the perfect transition pieces. The shirt dress is a great option that allows lots of flexibility.

It’s great for layering and boots when it’s cold. It’s great with a pair of sandals and rolled sleeves when it’s hot. And when it’s cold, then hot, then cold, then hot, it’s great with unrolled sleeves, a pair of in-between-weather shoes and a hat (see above and below).

If you think that wearing a shirt dress is a little too plain for your taste, think again. The shirt dress comes in so many forms from classic to modern. I love this particular one for its plaid pattern in shades of blue, to its exaggerated cuff sleeves to the big bow at the neck. There’s a good mix of classic and modern with feminine details…just the way I like it!!

I’m still not ready to put the boots away just yet so these perforated ones are perfect for a shirt dress. AND they are perfect for this bi-bolar weather. There’s full coverage (as a boot) but there’s also openings (as a sandal) and they work well from morning to night.

So while we are transitioning, and we’ll do it at least four times a year, try the shirt dress and style it for the season. They are versatile, they are chic, they are easy, they are comfortable and they are for everyone!!

Today’s pick: Shades of blue plaid shirt dress with black perforated boots and black baker boy hat.

Dress: BCBG

Boots: Old, but similar here

Hat: Old, but similar here

Thanks so much for stopping by!! Please share your favorite transition piece from cold to warmer weather.




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