Road Trip: What I love about the New Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

Every New Year’s Day for the last 10+ years, I’ve done the same thing: stay home, watch movies and cook the proverbial New Year’s Day meal. That’s pretty lame because New Year’s Day is also my birthday. This year, I wanted to do something different and when I was given the opportunity by Toyota USA to drive down to Jacksonville, Florida, to tailgate and attend the TaxSlayer Gator Bowl, I didn’t think twice. The cherry on top? Toyota lended me their new RAV4 Hybrid Limited SUV for the road trip.

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Limited

This trip was my teen daughter and me and I knew that Toyota would not disappoint when it comes to technology (most intirguing to her) and safety (most important to me). First off, Toyota delivered the SUV to my front door and the delivery guy was super knowledgeable in acquainting me with the bells and whistles on the vehicle. Let’s start with the exterior. I received the RAV4 Hybrid Limited in blueprint, a metallic blue with specs that helped keep the shine through a few days of rain. I believe the 18-inch alloy wheels not only looked good, but afforded us an incredibly smooth ride. It’s also bigger with a wider stance and extended wheelbase and that’s why I consider it nothing short of an SUV, even though the rear spoiler gives it a sleek look that mirrors a sports car.

The drive was about six hours (eek!!) one way and I don’t love driving. However, the RAV4 may have changed that. The size and safety features made for a wonderfully enjoyable ride. It was January 1, the sun was out and we enjoyed the drive under the panoramic glass roof.

Enough about the outside, let me share all the great options that I think stand out. First, there’s no missing the 8-inch audio multimedia. I loved it because my eyesight isn’t what it used to be and I loved that I could glance at the screen for info and not have to focus on the screen to understand what I was looking for. My daughter loved that she could connect her phone to play all of our her favorite songs. Believe me when I say I know every lyric to Sucker by the Jonas Brothers. We also loved charging our phones via the Qi-compatible wireless charging pad (in arms reach) right under the climate controls.

We made it to Jacksonville, and with so many tailgaters and game goers, safe driving and accessible parking wasn’t taken for granted. The RAV4 Hybrid Limited has pedestrian detection and auto brake support (to help mitigate collisions), lane departure alert (when the car veers out of the driving lane) and road sign assist (detecting speed limits, stop signs, DO NOT ENTER signs, etc.) and it all came in handy.

Tailgating is always fun and the RAV4 Hybrid Limited made it that much better. We had plenty of room for our football decor and still enough room to sit in on some great photos…because that’s important too!

TaxSlayer Gator Bowl Tailgate

Peyton and I had the best girls’ trip to and from Jacksonville. Toyota has done an amazing job of mixing safety, comfort and style in the new RAV4 Hybrid Limited and I am here for it.

Thanks so CHERRY much for stopping by!! And if you have a moment, please share your fave thing about road trips. Is it the car? The company? Or is it the many stops along the way?

This blog post was done in collaboration with Toyota USA, however, all opinions are my own.

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