Ageless Remedies of Roswell My New Go-To for Facials

Twenty Twenty has been hard on us. It started out great, but within three months the entire country was turned upside down and forced to halt some of the things we look forward to the most. During this time, my skin took a beating and I desperately needed help to complement my at-home regimen.

So when I was offered the opportunity to visit Ageless Remedies of Roswell, for a skin consultation followed by a medical-grade facial, I was ecstatic. I had seen some of their offerings and loved how they educate online and via social media.

Ageless Remedies of Roswell

I also felt comfortable in seeing the precautions they take to ensure safety for everyone (i.e. staff and clients are required to wear masks, they take your temperature upon arrival, plexiglass at the front desk, office personnel kept their distance while ensuring the rooms (including door knobs and handles) were disinfected AND I was the only person in the office to receive a treatment).

Ageless Remedies of Roswell Lobby/Prior to my Treatment

I was very comfortable visiting Ageless Remedies of Roswell and my skin has thanked me ever since. We all deserve a little me time and great self care is more important than ever. The saying, “You’re only one facial away from a good mood,” I can’t tell you much that rings true.

My medical aesthetician was Kelsi and she is extremely knowledgeable. She shared with me the products she used and educated me on the value they provide to the skin.

During consultation

There is something so soothing about a facial. One hour of no interruptions along with a trusted skincare expert working anti-aging magic and massaging the skin is a feeling that is second to none.


My medical-grade facial consisted of a steam cleanse to ensure my makeup was off so that the products would be most effective. I had never had that before and as you can see, I was quite impressed.

Then we began the HydraFacial which consists of moving dead skin cells and extracting impurities while infusing the skin with hydrating and moisturizing serums.


Included in my facial was Dermaplaning which I’d never had before. Dermaplaning removes dead skin and fine hairs by drawing a surgical blade across the skin’s surface. This further helps improve the skin’s appearance as it enhances the absorption and effectiveness of skincare products. I was a bit nervous, but Kelsi made me feel relaxed. And let me tell you, there is nothing to be fearful of. It felt more like a brush raking over my skin. And yes, this will be a regular treatment for me going forward!!


Kelsi took my facial up a notch with LED Therapy which is used to stimulate collagen, treat acne and minimize wrinkles, making the skin softer and more supple. This is a non-laser light, of course, and there is a touch of warmth to the face that is very soothing.

LED Therapy

Like I said earlier, there is nothing quite like the relaxation and calming feeling of a facial. The icing on the cake is finishing up with healthier, firmer, glowing skin because a facial is one of the best anti-aging things you can do for the skin. I am so happy with the results.


If you haven’t been to Ageless Remedies of Roswell, I highly recommend you go. They offer free, no-obligation skin consultations for all of their services including Botox, dermal fillers, CoolSculpting and CoolTone, laser hair removal and facials., which is a great way to get to know their skin experts, learn more about your skin and what you can be doing to improve it.

Ageless Remedies of Roswell was originally founded in 2005 and acquired by Dr. Meredith Lassiter and Michael Lassiter in March 2018, with a goal to create a medial practice that helps people look and feel their best throughout their lives. I am very happy I got to experience Ageless Remedies of Roswell. My skin needed it and so did I. I’ll definitely be returning.

This blog post was done in partnership with Ageless Remedies of Roswell. However, all opinions are my own.

Thanks so CHERRY much for stopping by!! Please share with me some of the things you’re doing to ensure self-care is top of your list.




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